Angular JS Training by Zeolearn

Angular JS Training by Zeolearn

AngularJS is a solution for rapid front-end development. It is easy to grasp and enables one to develop robust applications for projects of any scale. Part of its popularity is its ability to make static Web pages more dynamic thus providing enhanced user experience. Organizations are seeing the benefits of adopting Angular and this has increased the demand for Angular experts.

We understand this and hence have designed a course that will allow you to grasp all the fundamentals of this increasingly popular JavaScript framework developed by Google. You will receive hands-on experience by working on a project that will help you cement your learning and reinforce your concepts.


  • Refresh your knowledge of the JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Thoroughly grasp the basics of AngularJS, data binding and filtering
  • Understand Dependency Injection
  • Learn to create controllers, learn about two way binding and how to share data between controllers 
  • Understand how you can organize applications using modules and split up files into various locations
  • Learn how to load and post data to remote  servers and extend it all by writing directives, services, filters etc
  • Understand the need for modules
  • Learn about Angular JS communication with server using REST api
  • Use your knowledge to develop a web based   Single Page Application using Angular JS MVC
  • Lead web-development projects in your organization

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