General Conditions of Use

General Conditions of Use

The Website aims to give Internet users a space for them to publish Adverts and announcements with the purpose of exchanging services . does not provide or sell the information, products and services described in the Adverts on the Website.

The Adverts are classified by category, with filters that permit precise searches for schools, as well as adverts for similar services. is accessible through the Internet site or the Mobile Site.
ADVERT: Describes the set of elements and offers (images, text, sound, photographs, drawings) published by Advertiser, under their own exclusive liability, with the purpose of exchanging any services offered on the Website, Mobile Site or iPhone and Android application.

ADVERTISERS: Describes the physical persons publishing adverts on the Website for exclusively private and not professional purposes.

OPTIONS: Describes the paid options available to Users, which allow them to modify the visibility of an Advert.

WEBSITE: Describes the Internet Site used by Euthenia Software Pvt. Ltd., accessible principally through the URL

MOBILE SITE: Describes the mobile site used by Euthenia Software Pvt. Ltd. accessible through the mobile URL, which gives Users and Advertisers access to the services via their mobile phones.

USER: Describes all Internet Users, with access to the service via the Website, Mobile Site or iPhone and Android application, using the services accessible via the various supports.

The above terms when used shall have the meaning and effect as set forth in this article of the GCU.

There are two categories of Users who may create accounts:

Advertisers are individuals who can place adverts free of charge. Through their accounts they can rapidly access their adverts, publish them, create announcements and access the chronology of their schools and transactions.

Visitors: Visitors can browse the Website without registering, and can reply to any of the adverts in accordance with the Website's General Conditions of Use. However, if they wish to place an advert they must register, as "Advertiser". If they wish to add review for any school they must register on

Advertisers are informed that for technical reasons and moderation, their Adverts cannot be published immediately on the Website, Mobile Site and iPhone/Android applications immediately after their placement.

All Adverts placed and validated will be published on the Website, Mobile Site and iPhone/Android applications.

Visitors and Advertisers are here in collectively referred to as "Users".


Advertisers with accounts wishing to place a new advert must provide the following information for each advert:

• Their postcode, which defines city, county and region;
• The category or sub-category of the advert;
• The Name of the School;
• The description of the School;
• The requested price range;

They may also add one or more photographs.
4.1. ADVERT CATEGORIES: Users can publish adverts in any of the following categories, which are in turn divided into sub-categories to facilitate more precise placement and searches by Users.

The categories may be subject to changes, and specifically include:

Home: Preschool, School, Boarding School, Board.



Boarding School

Under Graduate

Post Graduate Diploma

Post Graduate Degree


Advance Diploma



Certificates reserves the right to change or to add categories and sub-categories at any time.


All Users have the possibility of using their own personalised "Advertise". The Advertise becomes public and visible to all once it is been approved by

Users can choose options to promote their Advertise (options are Featured, Premium and Highlight). Advertise with options will be placed at the top of the list, according to the chosen option.


In the "My Account" section, Users can access their personal and/or professional information, password and information about payment methods. This section is not accessible by visitors.

In the "My Account" section, Users can access the list of schools they possess. Users can also view the reviews to their adverts.

Users can, at any time:

• Add a new Advert;
• View an Advert with the following information: advert title, category, fee range, number of views, number of feedbacks, publication date;
• Remove and Advert;
• Filter and organise their Adverts according to type (xxxxx), by publication date, status (pending validation/validated/deleted);
• Edit an Advert
• View their personal information;
• Access a summary of their "Assets" classified by category, indicating the total per category.

• In the "My Favourites" section, via the appropriate tab, Users can get quicker access to the Adverts marked as favourites.

Users can refer one or more "friends" in any of the ways described below:

Via Facebook: clicking on the Facebook link, Users can refer their friends by sharing a tracker link on their wall that automatically associates their friends with their accounts.

Via Twitter: clicking on the Twitter link, Users can refer their friends by sharing a tracker link on their wall that automatically associates their friends with their accounts.

Via Google+: clicking on the Google+ link, Users can refer their friends by sharing a tracker link on their wall that automatically associates their friends with their accounts.

Via E-mail: Users can send e-mail to their friends to invite them to join the site.

Link share: Users can send a tracker link to associate their friends with their accounts. The link can be shared.

• In the "Social Networks" section, Users can associate their accounts with their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to share the Adverts through these networks.


There are two ways to contact advertisers through their adverts on the Website:

by e-mail: potential users can send an e-mail to an advertiser, giving their name, email, phone number and including a message for the advertiser.
by phone: clicking the "Contact Advertiser" icon, potential buyers are given an AlloPass number, which allows them to contact the Advertiser directly without the need for the Advertiser to publish their phone number, or the direct phone number if the Advertiser has chosen to publish it.


Users connecting to the Site via Facebook Connect® can see their accounts created automatically thanks to the information provided by the application.

The Users' actions on the Website are indicated on their Facebook® page.

The Facebook® application installed on their Facebook pages allows Users to export their Advertise to their Facebook® page. has an obligation of means in terms of provision of the Website services.

To this regard, the company will make its best endeavours to assure continual access to the Website services, but is under no obligation to this regard.

The company may therefore interrupt the service for maintenance or upgrading, or any other technical or editorial reasons without prior notice to Users and without any liability for the consequences of said interruptions to either Users or third parties.

Moreover, the company may not be held liable if Users are unable to access the Website, whether entirely or in part for reasons of an exclusively technical nature or other specific problems including, but not limited to:

• network congestion,
• faults due to their Internet services provider,
• human error or electrical fault,
• any illicit intervention,
• fault and/or congestion of telephone lines,
• any logistical or material malfunction,
Force majeure.
The consent of the interested Party is required for the collection of the personal information necessary for processing orders and compiling customer information files , as well as for the distribution there of to third parties responsible for the execution or orders and payments.

Such information, which is held by the Owner with the sole purpose of correctly administrating orders and commercial relations, shall be processed in compliance with the applicable legislation. also collects User information in order to eliminate the need to enter the information every time they connect. This information is gathered by means of cookies. Cookies can be removed using the appropriate Internet browser settings. may be required to disclose User personal information in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. therefore reserves the right to divulge the information of certain Users to comply with its legal obligations, specifically if ordered by the courts, proxy or other legal proceedings. likewise reserves the right to disclose the information of certain Users to the law enforcement agencies if said agencies consider such information reasonably necessary for preventing imminent material damages or financial loss , or under suspicion of illicit activities.
Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd and the Website shall in no case be considered liable for the content of the Adverts published by the Advertisers and provides no explicit or implicit guarantees to this regard.

By accepting these GCU, Advertisers acknowledge that they are the sole parties responsible for the content they publish.

Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd is considered as third party to the correspondence and relations between Advertisers and Users, thereby excluding any and all liability to that regard.

Users hereby waive any right to claim against Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd and the Website in the event of legal action taken against them by third parties as a result use and/or illegal exploitation of the service, in case of loss of password by a User or Advertiser, in case of identity theft or incorrect use of the Website services.

The Website may include links to other Websites or Internet resources. Since Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd exercises no control over such Websites and external sources, the company shall not be held liable for said Websites and external sources in terms of content, advertising, products, services or any other material available on or through said Websites and external sources.

Exclusion of guarantee: shall accept no liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legitimacy, reliability, usability or availability of the information or data present in the results obtained through the services. shall not be held liable for the removal, failure to store, incorrect transmission or inappropriate transmission of said data or information. shall not be held liable for damages caused by the download or use of the information or data available on the Internet through the Website services.

The services are provided «as seen», without guarantees of any kind, insofar as in compliance with applicable law.

Any guarantees, whether explicit or implicit, including but not limited to goods quality guarantees, fitness for purpose and compliance with property rights, are explicitly excluded by all means permitted by applicable law. hereby excludes all guarantees concerning safety, reliability, fitness and the provision of its services. shall assume no liability for any interruption or suspension of transmission from the Website due to bugs, viruses, Trojan horses or similar elements that may be transmitted to the Website, and/or errors or omissions in the content, losses or damages of any kind resulting from the use of any of the published content, sent via email, communicated, transmitted or rendered accessible through the Website. does not guarantee or approve, or assume any liability for the products or services advertised by third parties or proposed by third parties through the Website, or any other sites connected by hypertext link or presented in banners or other advertising. shall not be party to any transaction between Users and shall not be considered responsible for supervising such transactions.

Certain jurisdictions and countries do not authorise exclusion of implicit guarantees, therefore the above exclusions may not concern you. You may have other rights, which may vary according to country and jurisdiction.
The Advertiser certifies that the Advert complies with all current rules and regulations, these General Conditions of Use and the General Conditions of Use, and does not infringe any third party rights (including intellectual property and privacy).

The Advertiser guarantees that the content of their adverts is in strict compliance with the legal obligations of their professional activities.

The Advertiser declares to be the sole and exclusive author of the text, drawings, photographs, etc. comprising the Advert. If not, the Advertiser assures that they dispose of all rights and authorisations necessary for the publication of the Advert.

Consequently, all Adverts placed and divulged on the Website shall be considered the exclusive responsibility of the Advertiser.

The Advertiser agrees not to place adverts for goods they do not possess, and if said goods become unavailable, to remove the Advert from the Website at the earliest possible time.


9.1.1. Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd reserves the right to remove, without prior notice or refund, any Advert it considers could infringe on third party rights or that does not comply with the following specific regulations:

• Adverts may only offer service provided by School. Sale of copies is considered as counterfeiting, and punishable by law.

• Any advert containing text, which appears contrary to the provisions of law and regulations, the spirit of the publication and public decency, or that could disturb or offend readers, shall be refused by Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd, without such refusal giving rise to any indemnity for the Advertiser.

• Any Advert in which the product and/or content contain discriminatory or racist expressions, incitation to hate or violence, political propaganda, child pornography, or any object belonging to any of these categories or that present symbols of racism, violence or paedophilia shall be refused by Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd without such refusal giving rise to any indemnity for the Advertiser.

• Any Advert published with the purpose of advertising websites or services in competition with shall be refused by Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd without such refusal giving rise to any indemnity for the Advertiser.

• Any content that claims the liability of or assumes the identity of or its employees shall be refused by Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd without such refusal giving rise to any indemnity for the Advertiser.

• If a photograph illustrates one Advert, it may not be used to illustrate other Adverts.

9.1.2. It is forbidden:

• to place the same Advert in various various categories;
• to place an Advert asking for private donations or humanitarian purposes;
• to place an Advert requesting/offering finance or loans;
• to place an Advert seeking missing persons;
• to place an Advert for promotional purposes;
• to place and Advert offering services that cannot be provided other than by duly authorised professionals, specifically in terms of the legally regulated professions.

As User of the service, the service for listing school must be authorised for the Website.

9.1.3. Certain rules of disclosure must be obeyed for the following categories:

On the Website, it is strictly and legally forbidden to demand payment for access to an offer of employment.

Pyramid marketing schemes and chain letters are prohibited on the Website.

Franchisor-Franchisee marketing schemes are prohibited on the Website.


Any User may report abusive content through the Website and from the iPhone and Android application by clicking on the "Report Abusive Content" link on each page of the Adverts.

In general, advises Users never to give their personal information or bank details, and never to send cash through the post, and to be wary of Adverts.


Advertisers guarantee to hold all rights (and specifically, the intellectual property rights) or to have obtained the authorisation necessary for the publication of their Adverts.

Advertisers likewise guarantee that their Adverts do not contravene any regulations in force, or any third party rights, and do not present any messages considered defamatory or damaging to third parties.

This being guaranteed, Advertisers explicitly accept that their Adverts shall not contain:

• any hypertext link that redirects Users to Websites not operated by;
• any fictitious, false or misleading information;
• any expression either defamatory or that could jeopardise the interests and/or image of or third parties;
• any content that infringes on third party intellectual property rights.

Advertisers shall assume full editorial liability for the content of the Adverts they publish.

As from the date of their validation, Adverts are published simultaneously on the Website, Mobile Site and iPhone/Android applications, for a maximum extendable time of 90 days.

After this initial 90-day period, if an Advertiser has not subscribed to any options, sends an e-mail informing them that their Advert is no longer on-line, and to renew the Advert, free of charge.

If the Advertiser does not renew the Advert within 7 days of receiving the e-mail, they can no longer extend its publication, and have to place a completely new Advert.
The items displayed at the actual site, which are the exclusive property of the site Owner, are protected by copyright, registered trademark, patent and the rules of competition in compliance with applicable law.

It is forbidden to copy all or part of this Website onto another server or in another link.

Reproduction or diffusion of these items without the prior written permission of the Owner is forbidden. Offenders shall be prosecuted. users may book additional features to their advertisements according to their desired time frame. Should the user choose to delete the advertisement before the booked time frame has lapsed, this revokes the right of the user to retain or re-use the rest of the “unused” booked time. does not return the costs for the discontinued use of the features/services.
Euthenia Software Pvt Ltd reserves the right to make changes, whether entirely or in part, to these General Conditions of Use, at any time.

Since changes may be made at any time, Users are invited to consult the GCU regularly.
In the event that any part or clause of these General Conditions of Use should be deemed illegitimate, void or inapplicable for whatever reason, the clause or clauses in question shall be declared null and the remaining clauses remain in effect and fully applicable. Clauses declared null shall be superseded by clauses substituting the content of the cancelled clause.
These General Conditions shall be subject to Indian law.