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Rocket Languages produces award winning online language learning courses for users from all around the world.
Our system is based on both science and the practical success strategies that polyglots use, which practically guarantees your success.

As mentioned, Rocket Languages covers all the primary areas of language learning: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. The website's main dashboard gives you a clear overview of all the lessons you need to complete. If you're learning a language for the first time, it's easy to start at the very beginning and work your way consecutively through all the lessons. If you do have some experience with the language, you might waste some time figuring out where to begin, as there is no placement test.

Each of the lessons contains a title, giving you some indication of what will be covered—Events, Directions, Bargaining, The Hotel, and so forth. In my experience, the lessons take somewhere between 20 and 60 minutes to complete, depending on what kind of content each one contains. For example, some of the lessons start with a 20- or 25-minute audio lesson that introduces new material, but not all the lessons have that.
The content and pacing is very well structured, especially for beginners. I found the audio lessons friendly and inviting without being overly ambitious about how much new knowledge a student can retain in one day.

One nice feature of the audio lessons is that they are downloadable. Most of Rocket Languages' content is online only, so it's nice to have this option of learning either offline or on a mobile device. In addition, Rocket Languages has mobile apps for iPhone and Android that sync with your online account so that you can pick up your learning where you left off.

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